kind testimonials from people I've been privileged to work with


"Nigel cares about his work immensely and quickly identifies and agrees clearly with you as a client at your level/language, in respect of what is required of the project/objective and often delivers far more using his skills set, knowledge, diligence and contacts, having worked on my construction project Nigel delivered on time and under budget. Thank you."
"Superb, from start to finish. Approaches providing his design and project management services as being a strategic business partner. Always reliable and excellent service."
"Nigel has a solid understanding of the dynamics of hospitality design, how color and shape influence the product. He approaches a project with research to create the foundation to build up from. Great job, I recommend Nigel to anyone looking to improve his business."
"Nigel's concept work is extremely representative of the final product; Nigel has attention to detail & displays a true passion for his work. I believe he is suited to new concepts and high maintenance clients where his special attention will provide the final product required"
"I engaged Nigel's design services over a number of years and he quickly understood the requirements of my market place and had a good eye for detail. He was very personable and responsive to work with. He is a self admitted perfectionist and only the best will do."
"We worked with Nigel on a restaurant project in London. The project has had many complexities in the design, program and financing. All of which have been dealt with by Nigel in a professional and competent way. we wouldn't hesitate in working with him again. Apart from that, he's a really 'nice bloke!"
"Nigel is passionate about his work and very creative. It was an absolute pleasure to have him work on our project. The results were amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Nigel for any Hospitality related project."

"I met Nigel during his first visit to Dubai in 2008. Since then I have made a point to meet him for lunch or coffee whenever he has returned. Not only is he a fabulous designer and writer, who has lots of enraptured fans in this region, but he is always open and interesting company."


"Nigel is passionate about design - great design! He is very professional, easy to work with, and committed to getting things right for his clients. He is generous with his time and highly supportive - ask him about "Building the Happiness - Centred Business" you will be pleased you did!"


"I have used Nigel and his team to help me on several projects where they used their considerable design skills and CAD flair to help me with the design and presentation of major architectural projects. As a busy and successful architect I find that my services are often in demand, and that my clients look for the best possible service. I have been delighted to find Nigel living locally, but working internationally, and to build up trust with his expertise. I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel for his attention to detail is meticulous and his designs have flair and energy, while at the same time being rooted to the best possible commercial outcomes for his clients."




I'm transparent

Design practice varies in different regions. In some regions designers work solely in the best interests of their clients whilst in others they seek to take payments from the project suppliers they suggest as well as from their clients. My clients prefer me to act as transparently as possible so I make these promises:

my promises to you

I will work in your best interests and I will not take any financial interest in any product or service I suggest or specify whilst working for you

I will not share any specific information about your project with anyone else without your agreement

I will provide clear, detailed, written proposals, where possible with a fixed price, before working for you

I believe in constant learning and improvement and always educate myself about your project. If I do not know something I will find out or I will find someone who does. This includes complying with local building laws in your region

I require anyone working for me to make the same promises