When The Design of Your Restaurant Is More Important Than Its Food

The design of your restaurant isn't going to change the flavour of the meal.

Except, of course, it does.

It does because most times people can't judge the meal until they’ve eaten it, but they can judge the packaging. And if they choose someone else's restaurant, you never get a chance.

Not only that, but confirmation bias creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. We like what we liked. The customer would rather be proven right than proven wrong.

That's why it's so important to understand the worldview and biases of the customers you seek to influence, to connect with, to delight. And why the signs we display matter so much more than we imagine.

It’s why you shouldn’t leap at the design you like or that you want to give to the world and why you should first ask the world what it wants from you.

 It's not always fair that we need to worry about how we and our work will be judged but until we come up with a better way to communicate what we've done though, prepare to be judged in advance by your design.