You're Never Fully Baked

For a chef, baking things for the right amount of time is critical.  A minute too much can burn the dish.

In life generally and in design especially this rule doesn't apply.  Design is an ongoing lesson that there will be ongoing lessons. You're never done. Surgeons and Architects are expected to keep studying for their entire career—in fact, it's required to keep a license valid.  I think the same way about my job.

Yet many knowledge workers often act as if they're fully baked, thinking that more training and learning is not just unnecessary but a distraction.

I read today that the average knowledge worker reads fewer than one business book a year.

On the other hand I read one or two books every week.  The image shows small subset of my Kindle library. On top of that I read a two newspapers and countless web posts every day.  When I'm not working or sleeping I'm reading.

Show me your bookshelf, or the courses you take, or the questions you ask, and I'll have a hint as to how much you care about leveling up like me.