Beware The Restaurant That No-One Else Wants

This is a Mistake Novices Sometimes Make.

In most regions chain operators know when a viable property becomes available and landlords often have their pick of desirable tenants

It may not be safe to assume you've been lucky finding a property no-one else has snapped up first. Chances are it's not what it seems. It may be too small to be viable or run down and too costly to refurbish or it may be located where their aren't enough customers

Independent operators who know what they're doing can sometimes earn a good living from properties the chains don't want to manage but it's important to know why the big operators turned it down before you take it on

And that you do the sums to make sure you can get the profits you need pay back your investment

Even if you make a success you're still vulnerable to a chain opening near and benefiting from the market you built up

Please take care. I've seen this go wrong and it has devastating effects